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What is the Gabriel Project?

The Gabriel Project® is a parish based crisis pregnancy intervention within the Roman Catholic Church. It has also spread into many Protestant parishes and church communities.

A Sign of Life is placed in front of the church stating that the people of that parish community will provide help to pregnant women. All the new mother has to do is call the number on the sign and the process begins.

The Gabriel parish community has made a commitment to respond to the mother’s needs. The process is very flexible within each parish enabling unique local situations to be addressed. The mother’s needs are met with love, respect and confidentiality.

A trained mentor, called a Gabriel Angel, is responsible for on-going contact and as a liaison for assistance for the mother in crisis. Through the Angel, the Gabriel parish community accepts the expectant mother with unconditional love. Parish members fill the role of the Good Samaritan. They make sure the Mom receives love and care. Parishioners provide spiritual, emotional and material support as needed throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Jesus taught, ”…Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Mat 25:40). It is in this light that Gabriel parishioners love and assist women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. This love is a witness of the infinite and healing love of GOD. The Holy Spirit works through the parishioners to evangelize and to educate the expectant Mom and/or her family.

The Gabriel Project® is grounded in prayer. We realize that the most important gifts we have to offer the Mom are the gifts offered to all by Christ Our Lord. To quote Fr. Stephen Imbarrato who founded Project Defending Life in Albuquerque and introduced the Gabriel Project® in New Mexico, “The Gabriel Project® is about saving souls…one soul at a time.”

Need Help?

Call 575-526-9349


Gabriel Project Mission Statement

The Gabriel Project provides emotional, material and spiritual support for pregnant women in need.

Gabriel Project Objectives

The Gabriel Project is committed to:

• Offering hope and support to mothers and fathers faced with a crisis pregnancy
• Provide assistance in a confidential and non-judgmental approach
• Strengthening families so children can grow in a nurturing home
• Providing an example demonstrating a Respect for Life
• A life affirming alternative to difficult, unplanned pregnancies

Gabriel Project Forms of Assistance

The help we provide:

• Friendship and emotional support
• Transportation for appointments or shopping
• Material goods to help in caring for the newborn
• Mentoring for personal responsibility
• Mentoring for responsible parenting
• Referral for financial assistance
• Pastoral care or counseling

We offer mothers who come to us for help the love commanded by Jesus and the “Fear not” message delivered by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.


May we help you or someone you know?

Call 575-526-9349


A Brief History

Following the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 which made abortion legally permissible in all the States, the Rev. Msgr. John Perusina, late pastor of St. Michael Parish on Sage Road, Houston, took action. He placed a sign outside the rectory which said: "If you will have your baby, this parish will help you in every way." The original sign still stands.

This was the beginning of the Gabriel Project®. In 1990, Cathy McConn (St. Cecilia Parish in Houston) and her friend Rex Moses (from Corpus Christi) saw the sign and the Gabriel Project® was spread throughout the Galveston-Houston and the Corpus Christi Dioceses.

Interest in establishing Gabriel Projects around the country grew and the need for a national office became apparent. The Respect Life Offices of the Dioceses of Austin and Galveston-Houston received the blessings and cooperation of the Pro-Life Secretariat of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops to organize and coordinate a Gabriel Project® National Office in the spring of 2002.

Thousands of women have received help and love through the Gabriel Project® during their pregnancies.


May we help you or someone you know?

Call 575-526-9349

Do you have questions about how the Gabriel Project works within a parish?

Read this Gabriel Project Introduction packet which contains information about how to get started (Adobe Reader file).

Download button(Screen resolution, small file)

Download button(Print resolution, 2Mb file)


Criteria for Gabriel Angels

  • Must be approved by the Pastor

  • Must be a member of the Parish and in good standing with the Church

  • Must accept all the Church’s teaching especially those of Marriage, Family and Life

  • Must be faithful in observing the norms of Catholic life

  • Must be willing to attend ANGEL training and scheduled meetings for learning and sharing within the Gabriel Project®


Want to help save lives? Volunteer now:

Call Rich Libicer: 575-640-4927


Email: eMail Gabriel Project


Other Ways to Help

  • Make a formal commitment to pray with
    us for the success of the Gabriel Project®
    in our Parish

  • Make a commitment for an hour of
    Eucharistic Adoration for the Gabriel

  • Volunteer for ongoing fund-raising

  • Make a donation (we rely on your
    donations to provide material assistance
    to our Moms in need)

  • Attend a pro-life event in our area
    Share your knowledge about the
    Gabriel Project® with family, friends and
    especially anyone whom you think may
    have need of our assistance

  • Leave a “trail” of Gabriel flip cards
    behind you—in a restaurant, in a store,
    at the library, at State offices…anywhere
    they may be noticed and picked up by
    either someone in need or by someone
    who knows someone in need


Want to volunteer now?

Call Rich Libicer: 575-640-4927


Email:eMail Gabriel Project

Of Course we can always use your cash donations!

(Click on the "Donate" button to the left to visit our donations page.)


Raising the child of an unplanned pregnancy
can bring joy, happiness and blessings galore!

This is a real-life blog where people who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy write about their experiences. They write about the fears, challenges, personal growth and rewards of accepting the gift of life by keeping and raising the child. A great opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

Pregnant Unplanned

In an unplanned pregnancy?
Would you consider giving life for adoption?

Sometimes a pregnant woman or a young couple is just not prepared to assume the responsibility of raising a child the woman is carrying. There are many, many loving married couples who would love to adopt your child when he/she is born. Following are links to a couple of sites which may be helpful in assisting you to learn about and to meaningfully consider the adoption option. (Simply click on each graphic image to open the site.)

Catholic Adoption


Lifetime Adoption


Visit the Gabriel Project National Site:

Confused by all the "Gabriel Project" sites when searching the web?
This is the official site as blessed and recognized by the USCCB.

Gabriel Project National Site

Priests for Life re: Gabriel Project

Priests for Life is a Catholic organization whose sole is to stop abortion and euthanasia. They provide strong support of the Gabriel Project. Read more about the Gabriel Project and all life issues on the Priests for Life site.

Priests for Life

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)

Pro-life activities, documents and media abound within the Roman Catholic Church. Visit the USCCB Pro-Life web site and look around.

The USCCB wrote to Diocesan Pro-Life/Respect Life Directors on December 12, 2002 establishing the Gabriel Project National Office. The purpose of designating a national office is to network Gabriel Projects across the nation.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Basilica of San Albino Gabriel Project Brochure

You may view a brochure prepared to present the Gabriel Project at the Basilica as well as a "flip card" used to spread the word about the Gabriel Project.

Brochure Download Link

Flip Card Download Link

Gabriel Mom Intake Form Download Link

Gabriel Mom Intake Form (Spanish)Download Link

Thinking about the Gabriel Project in your parish?

This Gabriel Project Introduction packet contains information including lots of questions and answers about how the Gabriel Projects work within the parish. We have two file sizes for your convenience.

Gabriel Project Intro (Screen Resolution) Download button

Gabriel Project Intro (Print Resolution - 2Mb) Download button




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